Bioavailability and HARAI: How it Works


HARAI is a probiotic supplement designed to improve our digestive health with nutrients and enzymes from the fermented extracts of 32 certified organic fruits and vegetables.   But how does HARAI reach its target, deep in the small intestines, where the microbiota of the gut work to process digested food and metabolize nutrients for absorption into the bloodstream and body?

First, let’s review how supplements do – and sometimes do not – effectively reach their intended targets.

By now most of us have learned that replenishing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in our bodies is not as simple as buying and swallowing handfuls of trendy supplements and multiple vitamins.  There is something called bioavailability, which looks at the amount of a given medicine, supplement or vitamin that reaches its intended target in the human body.  In the case of those taken by mouth, the answer is often ‘not very much.’ 

A fine technical discussion of the various challenges facing drug manufacturers when considering how to design oral medicines for optimal assimilation into the body is to be found at:¹  The ‘liberation…from the product form’ and the ‘dissolution in the gastrointestinal fluid’ of the product are just the first points it mentions.  Suffice it to say, there are multiple barriers to the desired uptake and delivery of medicines. 

Nutritional supplements are much the same.  In the case of a probiotic like HARAI, which is designed to enhance the health and activity of the gut flora, it is only the two points mentioned above (liberation and dissolution of the product) that matter.  And this is where HARAI proposes its unique solution to the problem of bioavailability.

In order to ‘liberate’ the compounds in HARAI from its orally ingestible ‘form’ and, once liberated, allow them to survive ‘dissolution’ in the strongly acidic environment of the stomach, HARAI ferments its extracts with the highly acid-tolerant ITO Probiotic® yeast, utilizing no heat or additives, in a 24-month process.  It then freeze-dries these extracts, creating a powder which is then formed into easily digestible, inulin-based tablets.  In order to maintain the integrity of its certified-organic process it manufactures these tablets without the use of synthetic excipients or agents in Japan’s only certified organic production facility.

No other digestive supplement works like HARAI, both organically and effectively, to deliver your gut the support it needs for exceptional health and vigor.







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