Did you say lyophilization?

Freeze Drying to Preserve Nutrients for Days, Months, Even Years

To develop an effective digestive supplement using only yeast and certified organic ingredients posed many challenges to the creators of HARAI.  After sourcing the ingredients, and then designing the 24-48 month fermentation process using the ITO Probiotic yeast, the next hurdle was to put the digestive enzymes and micronutrients into a viable form for consumers.

While HARAI extract is effective in liquid form, bottling and shipping liquid enzymes is far from ideal in a world where consumers are accustomed to swallowing their vitamins and supplements in tablet or capsule form.  To make HARAI suitable for long-term storage, overseas shipping, and use by people on the go, reducing the liquid extract to tablet form was an essential step.  


Don’t boil your miso soup!

The simplest means of turning a liquid extract into powder is heat desiccation.  With this popular and inexpensive method, baking is used to evaporate water from a liquid material, leaving only a powder residue.  But this process cannot be used with HARAI.  Why?  Well, while tolerant of high acidity, the ITO Probiotic and fermented nutrients cannot survive temperatures over 60-70°C.  Just as Japanese cooks never boil their miso soup, which would kill the highly beneficial yeasts in the fermented paste, so HARAI’s makers could not use heat to create a powdered extract, lest the probiotic enzymes be destroyed.


The solution?  Cryodesiccation

Now there’s a word you don’t see every day.  How about vacuum sublimation?  Also not familiar?  I’m with you, these are terms for spelling bee champions.  But they are very much in use in the world of freeze-drying (a market projected to reach over $7 billion annually by  2025) along with another fancy scientific term: lyophilization.  Basically, all of these terms describe part or all of the process of freeze drying which, it turns out, offers the perfect solution for the production of HARAI tablets.

A method of freeze drying which employs flash freezing and vacuum sublimation (removal of ice in gaseous form from solutes via vacuum-induced pressure) to desiccate the extract both prepares HARAI for pressing into tables and preserves the yeast, enzymes and nutrients for extended shelf life - and revitalizing effects on your gut.

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