HARAI and Gray Matter Fatigue







Feeling lethargic throughout much of the day?  Sleeping well enough but listless just an hour after waking up in the morning?  Noticing a new habit of plopping down for a rest at odd times of day when you used to power through both mornings and afternoons without a break?  Surfing the internet in a daze because you don’t have the energy to do anything productive?  

You’ve got plenty of company. 

Let's assume your doctor checks you out, and says you are basically healthy – your lab work looks good, you have plenty of iron in your blood, decent hormone levels, manageable stress and no conflicts with your medications – then what do you do?  Drink more coffee?  Swallow an extra energy drink?  Maybe buy a bunch of dietary supplements that promise to boost your energy?  (Knowing that the $40 billion U.S. market for supplements is always working on a new and better mousetrap!) 

Think again.

When we talk about energy, or the lack thereof, what are we really saying?  Chances are we are not complaining about tired muscles, or the inability to take a ten-minute walk.  It is much more likely that we are referencing a listless sensation in our brains.  Yes.  It’s not the orchestra, but the conductor, who is nodding off in the midst of the performance.  The cellos are playing but he’s lost his rhythm, forgotten the flutes and woodwinds.  The whole ensemble is drifting…

If you recognize that the primary issue of low energy is the dullness, fatigue or ‘fog’ in your brain, then you need to focus on the system that is most essential to brain health – your gut.  Since the middle of the last century, doctors have recognized the connection between the digestive and neurological systems of the body.  Today, the so-called 'Gut-Brain Axis' is one of the hottest topics in medical science.  Many researchers have taken to calling the gut the “little brain” due to its critical involvement with mood and mental health.  Everything from depression and schizophrenia to multiple sclerosis and ALS have been linked to conditions of the gastrointestinal tract.    

And when it comes to fatigue, there’s plenty of evidence indicating the drain on your brain comes from below.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, leaky gut and other conditions are all associated with much higher incidences of fatigue. ¹  In turn, each of these illnesses is linked to problems in the balance of the gut biome.  Even if you have not been diagnosed, but suffer from frequent acid reflux, don’t ignore the possibility that your gut health is causing more than an ache in your belly.

HARAI is a probiotic designed to work gently to help your beneficial gut flora thrive, so that your brain is in perfect harmony with the rest of your body all day, every day.  



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