HARAI and One Man’s Gut Health


I recently spoke to a man who has been taking HARAI for several months.  He said he is very pleased with the results. 

I asked him how it helped him, and this is what he told me:

About a year and a half ago he went on a prescription medication to control his blood pressure.  Though the medication was effective, he later developed a new problem: a chronic upset stomach, one that caused a burning sensation under his ribs.  The pain came and went, and tended to be worse at night.  As weeks passed, he also experienced bloating, and found that he was becoming less regular in his bowel movements – two problems he had never experienced before. 

Eventually, he returned to his doctor for tests on his gut.   While the doctor confirmed that he was constipated, he saw no emergency, and prescribed a medication to reduce stomach acid and bloating.  This medication was to be taken with a glass of water each morning before breakfast.

The medication worked fairly well, at least to reduce his stomach pain; it was less effective on the other issues.  And the discomfort in his upper abdomen still returned intermittently, often keeping him awake at night.  When he returned to confer with his doctor again, the doctor told him that he could take the same stomach medication twice a day, adding a dose in the evening before dinner.     

The man hesitated to do this.  His reasoning was that he should be correcting the underlying problem affecting his gut health, not treating the symptoms with more medications.

He tells me that instead of taking the medication twice a day, he started taking HARAI, and cutting back on his prescription.  He also began reducing his intake of red meat and sweets, two foods he thought might be contributing to his digestive ailments.  He noticed results fairly quickly.  Within weeks, he quit his stomach medication completely, feeling he had turned a corner.

After about a month he reported a particularly welcome change; he was back to daily bowel movements.  Burning and bloating had largely ceased bothering him at night, too, and he realized he was enjoying something he had missed for many months; uninterrupted sleep through the night.

He says he now stays away from heavy servings of meat, does not snack on potato chips, and resists the temptation to overindulge in sweets. He is still taking HARAI, but says he intends to phase it out, too, on the assumption he should be able to maintain good digestive health without it.

We agree.  We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of excellent gut health – with or without help from HARAI.

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