HARAI and the organic excipient Tomorrowleaf


Have you ever examined a pill and wondered “How does this thing work?” If your answer is “never” then consider yourself one of the fortunate few.  Otherwise, you might be surprised to hear that the answer is: “For the most part, not very much.”  Let’s have a look at what's working in oral medications, and what is not.

It turns out that most medicines in tablet form contain something called “excipients.”  These are everything in the pill that is not the medicinal ingredient itself, but rather required to give the pill bulk, allow it to maintain shape, dissolve at the right time, store indefinitely on the shelf, etc., i.e. to insure the proper delivery of the medication to the body. Often, it is the majority of what makes up the tablet.

Excipients, while not serving any medicinal function, do allow us to pick up the pill between our fingers, to easily distinguish it from other medications, and to swallow it.  These same substances are also found in nutritional supplements, which also need to be the right size, maintain shape during shipping and storage, and keep on the shelf.   

One of the problems with excipients is that they aren’t necessarily good for the body, and can have side-effects.  They can cause digestive discomfort or other reactions.  Certain sugars are commonly used as excipients, and have been known to exacerbate existing health issues.

But in HARAI there are no such additives.  Because HARAI is certified 100% organic, no filler - chemical, synthetic or refined, functional or non-functional – is allowed.  Everything in HARAI is grown on a JAS-certified organic farm, and processed in an approved organic facility.  So how does HARAI meet these requirements, yet remain stable, storable and easily swallowed?

The answer is Angelica keisuke, or ashitaba in Japanese.  Extracts of this highly viscous Japanese herb, which can be translated directly into English as tomorrowleaf, are added to the freeze-dried ingredients of HARAI at the final stage of production to bind the powder in tablet form.  HARAI is the first natural supplement to use this herbal extract as an organic binder.  And far from being hard to digest, this herb is known for curing stomach upset, among its many benefits.  No wonder HARAI is a supplement that can be taken without food, just water alone, and has never been known to cause any stomach discomfort.

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