HARAI and the Quest for Better Gut Health


When the creators of HARAI selected a single-strain, acid-tolerant yeast and 32 organic fruits and vegetables as the formula of a unique fermented digestive supplement, they did so with one goal above all others - promoting the health and vigor of the gut microbiome.  It is documented science that “commensal’ bacteria living in the gut, numbering in the trillions, not only assist our digestive processes but play an essential role in our metabolism, immune response, energy level and mental acuity. 

It is also widely accepted that fermented foods, along with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (especially uncooked) are the ideal prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy digestive system.  Our gut flora thrive on these food groups, which also happen to be rich sources of cancer-fighting phytochemicals and anti-inflammatory micronutrients.

Yet, while medical research has proven the relationship between good bacteria and many aspects of our health, knowledge of the evolution and mechanisms of the gut flora is far from complete.  What are the roles of the most important types of bacteria, and of those yet to be discovered?  How does one correct an imbalance of the types we know to be beneficial?  Since healthy people from diverse cultures have different types and proportions of gut flora, is it even possible to say what mix of bacteria is ‘ideal’?

We live in a world that has evolved away from that which sustained all past generations of humanity, and to which different cultures adapted over millennia.  Even as we speak, the foods and diets upon which our survival depends are being altered by forces largely beyond our control.  It is no surprise that our digestion is challenged; the inevitable influx of chemicals, antibiotics, GMOs and pollutants – to say nothing of foods simply alien to our traditional diets - impacts the body’s first line of defense before anything else. 

HARAI is a fermented blend of organic fresh fruits and vegetables, created without heat or additives, designed to support your quest for improved digestion. 



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