Maintaining Good Health with HARAI

The Ito Probiotic® yeast was originally studied at Ritsumeikan University in 2016 for its potential as a cancer fighting agent.  Proven effective at inhibiting cancer cell growth and metastasis in lab tests, it continues to be studied in this regard, with a U.S. patent pending as a cancer suppressing composition.* Meanwhile, the potential of this highly acid-tolerant yeast strain as an agent for the delivery of dietary and digestive nutrients shows similar promise. 

When seeking a nutrient-rich medium for culturing the Ito Probiotic yeast, HARAI’s developers considered various blends of botanicals, with the aim of producing the greatest possible health benefit.  The eventual decision had much to do with information published by the U.S. National Cancer Research institute (NCRI) and the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR.)

Based on studies cited in these publications, HARAI selected for its materials the fruits and vegetables mentioned as particularly rich in cancer fighting compounds.

These included cruciferous vegetables (members of the “dark green vegetables” category) such as radishes (daikon), cabbage and other brassicas (including ching gen sai); carrots and blueberries; many types of citrus, among them oranges, lemons and mandarins, as well as several types found primarily in Japan, these being yuzu, iyokan, hassaku and amanatsu.   In all, HARAI uses 32 fruits, vegetables and mushrooms in its blend of fermented extracts, all of which are recommended by the above-mentioned sources, or other experts, as beneficial in combatting cancer.

It should be added that HARAI utilizes only certified organic products for its extracts.  Used as directed, HARAI offers a path to improved gut health, and a superb source of disease-fighting nutrients.


*U.S. Patent Application No. 17/255,559

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