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General Tips

These tiny plant based digestive enzymes can do wonders for your body, by increasing the gut with good bacteria colonies.* Feel great, every day.

✔ Take three times a day. If you forget, it's fine to skip, or take two to catch up.

Drink with plenty of liquids.

Maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise for general well-being.


1. How soon can I expect results after I begin taking Harai?

Results vary, but many users report improved digestion and relief from stomach discomfort within one week.

2. What is the best time to take Harai?

As long as it is consumed with plenty of water, Harai can be ingested at any time. The daily dosage of three Harai tablets may be taken together or separately, as preferred.

3. Does Harai require a change in my diet?

Those with a poorly balanced diet, or one high in additives, often require more time to notice the positive effects of Harai. Ideally, Harai should be used as a supplement to a healthy, balanced diet.